Friday, October 25, 2013

Make a Cake - Cooking Game for kids

Check Out New magical android game for girls , Make a Cake - Cooking Games. Cake Maker android game is placed in world of magic where Popsy , little fairy, leads kids trough the game play rules and helps them to become cooking experts and have fun at same time.

Android app on Google Play

This android game is made of several free games and playing of each starts with choosing the cake that is to be made on cooking. Cooking class starts with cake recipes for making a birthday cake, a wedding cake, a monster cake, a romantic cake, a sweet shop cake, a cupcake.

Wizards Time Company makes games for girls and boys which are educational games for kids, the purpose of which is to teach them how to make ice cream and frozen yogurt in a magical way. The action of this game takes place in the imaginary world of magic, fairy tales, witches, dragons and other original magical creatures created by Wizards Time team. Ice Cream Magic – Cooking Games is entertaining because kids learn how to make ice cream and frozen yogurt in a magical way.


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